Banca Finint has inherited the know-how and expertise gained by the Finint Group in over 35 years of activity. Banca Finint stems from the desire to strengthen the Group's business development strategies in the investment banking and asset management sectors.


  • Enrico Marchi with other partners founded Finanziaria Internazionale. The company was established on 17 April 1980 under the name of Finvest S.r.l.


  • Gruppo SIPI - a joint venture with Benetton - was set up to establish an integrated group of financial companies.


  • In March, Banca Commerciale and Finint structured the first securitised loan in favour of Finleasing Italia, Auriga S. r.l. (Value: € 140 bln).


  • Finanziaria Internazionale and BNP Paribas structured the first international securitisation transaction in favour of banking institutions on behalf of Banca Italease, Iris no.1 (value: € 100 bln).


  • Finanziaria Internazionale acts as Permasteelisa's advisor for the listing on the Milan Stock Exchange.


  • FISG, a company dedicated to the management and structuring of securitisation transactions, was established.
  • In September, Agora Investimenti S.p.A. acquired a 20% stake in SAVE - Venice Marco Polo Airport. Finanziaria Internazionale became part of the SAVE Group.


  • Securitisation Services S.p.A. was set up and became the first Italian servicer dedicated to the management of securitisation transactions.
  • Securitisation Services was awarded the "ABOVE AVERAGE" rating by Standard & Poor's for the role of Master Servicer of ABS transactions (the second best level on Standard & Poor's worldwide scale).
  • Finint & Partners S.r.l. was set up to provide advisory activities to companies operating in the private equity sector.
  • NEIP, an investment company supporting SMEs (Finint acts as sponsor and advisor) was founded.
  • ‘Structured Finance International’ magazine awarded Finint the prize for what was judged as the best international transaction (the same recognition was awarded also in 2002) and for having considerably contributed to the growth of structured finance at European level.


  • Finint, with Lazard and Mediobanca, was judged as one of the best investment banks in business and received the "Le Tre Frecce d’Argento della Finanza" international award (the same prize was also awarded in 2004 together with Mediobanca and Vital & Associates).


  • Finint acted as advisor for the listing of the SAVE Group on the Milan Stock Exchange.
  • Finint AIternative Investment SGR (today Finint Investments SGR), an asset management company authorised by the Bank of Italy, was set up.


  • Finint acted as advisor of the Cimolai Group based in Pordenone in the acquisition of a share in the capital of Permasteelisa (a second transaction was carried out in 2008).
  • In November, Finint acted as Financial Advisor for the listing of Banca Generali and Ascopiave Group on the Stock Exchange.


  • Agorà Investimenti purchased the stake of Marco Polo Holding held by the regional finance company Veneto Sviluppo, and Finanziaria Internazionale structured the two transactions.
  • NEIP II was set up, an investment company operating in the infrastructure sector.


  • Partnership with Morgan Stanley's Infrastructure fund.
  • Finint assisted the SAVE Group in the acquisition of a significant stake (more than 10%) of Gemina, a shareholder of the company Aeroporti di Roma.


  • Finanziaria Internazionale launched Fondo Copernico, the first Italian fund dedicated to renewable energy.


  • Finanziaria Internazionale bought out SAVE S.p.A.
  • NEIP III was set up, an investment company dedicated to Italian SMEs.


  • Securitisation Services was rated "STRONG" by Standard & Poor's for the role of Master Servicer of ABS transactions (the highest score of the rating scale adopted by S&P’s).


  • Finint Investments SGR launches Minibond PMI Italia, the first Italian fund to invest in minibonds.
  • First investment for NEIP III, a company managed by Finint & Partners (private equity).
  • The Fondo Housing Sociale Trentino gets the go-ahead, the first initiative in the Finint Investments SGR sector.


  • Finint structures the first securitisation in Italy, with the intervention of the EIB and EIF in favour of SMEs.
  • The Viveracqua Hydrobond 1 operation comes to a close, the first bond issue of the system dedicated to financing the water sector.
  • Finanziaria Internazionale becomes a bank, Banca Finint is born.