Private Equity

Private equity activities were introduced at the end of the 1980s with the aim of acquiring stakes in companies based mostly in the North-East of Italy.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Finint widened its activities through the following strategies:

  • participation of institutional investors and family office investors in the setting up of investment companies specialized in private equity transactions;
  • the building of a dedicated private-equity team within a purposefully created company (Finint & Partners), providing advisory services to investment companies.

For over 10 years, Finint & Partners has been seeking and selecting capital investments mostly in Italian companies, managing portfolio companies, supporting management in drawing up industrial plans and in the implementation of a value-creation strategy aimed at a medium-term exit.

With an active strategy towards investment, Finint & Partners evaluates opportunities with a sectorial diversification approach, mainly focusing on unlisted companies, with the aim of supporting managers and/or entrepreneurs in their industrial plans within a national and international competitive context, based on the following actions:

  • supporting entrepreneurs wishing to increase their company’s turnover and improve the quality of their products and services by means of majority stakes or qualified minority interests;
  • organizing buy-out operations in partnership with other qualified financial investors, providing advice to the existing management and/or providing external management experts, at times solving problems related to generational change;
  • providing companies with the necessary capital to develop, favoring business combination and external growth opportunities.

Finint & Partners is an ordinary member of AIFI (Italian association for Private Equity and Venture Capital), and cooperates with the Borsa Italiana, (Italian Stock Exchange) to promote the ELITE Project.

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