Our values are the ideals we believe in and the foundation of our work and daily activities.

We base our operations on those values, we set our priorities and take our decisions with them in mind, letting the relationship with our customers and the territory reflect who we are and what we want to continue to be, i.e. a firm, solid and safe reference point, in a time of frequent and increasingly rapid changes.

Banca Finint is a private entity which does not belong to any banking and / or financial group. Our independence has always represented a fundamental cornerstone of our activity.
Banca Finint’s fundamental characteristic is constant research and the ability to implement solutions that respond to clients’ broad and complex financial needs. This problem-solving attitude has proved to be one of the main elements in the success of its activity.
Personal service
Banca Finint does not merely implement standard solutions but work side by side with its clients, sharing their needs and searching together for the most suitable, tailor-made solution.
Banca Finint has financial and capital ratios among the highest in its industry. Such robustness represents, for anyone dealing with Banca Finint, a strong element of trust.